Loyality pays off at canna-Shops!
Canna-Shops offers a loyalty program. This program lets you earn points when to every orders.

In addition to displaying lowest prices all the year, Canna-Shops offers a 20€ check valid throughout the shop and without minimum purchase .

How it works?

It's very simple and you will quickly win!

Each 10€ order will give you 5 points.
ex: an order for 34 Euros generate a profit of 15 points (3*5 points, car 34 contain 3 times 10 Euros).
The remaining 4 Euros are not entitled to any point.

Once the threshold reaches 150 points Canna-Shops offers a 20€ discount, no minimum purchase.

In addition to the loyalty program, also think to our refeer program! Refer your friends and get 5% per referred friend.

Our loyality program is valid in all the site. (out of range spinpro and trimpro)

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