Weed rolling tray

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Tray rolling metal decorated head of cannabis.

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Paiement 100% sécurisé

Plateau of rolling Weed decorated head of beuh


The tray for rolling is one of the essential accessories of the smoker.

This tray has a dimension of 18x14cm is useful for rolling your joints or cigarettes without putting everywhere.

Using a tray to your tobacco, herb or mixture remains on the shelf and you avoid having to clean the table or the floor every 5 minutes.

This tray is decorated with flowers of the Cannabis plant. The flowers of the cannabis plant have can be called in different ways according to the age, culture, groups, people, etc, and can often Be heard, herb, weed, beuh, marijuana, heads, (heads, weed heads, cannabis etc.).


Description of the tea Weed or cannabis:


• Material: Metal

• Dimensions: 18 x 14cm

• Manufacturer: V-Syndicate


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Grinder carte V Syndicate
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Weed rolling tray

Weed rolling tray

Tray rolling metal decorated head of cannabis.

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