Khamsa Rolling Tray

Weed rolling tray

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Tray rolling metal decorated with the symbol Khamsa or "hand of Fatma".

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Paiement 100% sécurisé

Plateau of rolling Khamsa or the Hand of Fatma


The tray for rolling is one of the essential accessories of the smoker.

This tray has a dimension of 18x14cm is useful for rolling your joints or cigarettes without putting everywhere.

Using a tea your tobacco, herb or mixture remains on the shelf and you avoid having to clean the table or the floor every 5 minutes.

The khamsa, khmissa or tafust (Arabic : خمسة, tamazight : ⵜⴰⴼⵓⵙⵜ tafust), is a symbol used as an amulet, talisman and a jewel for the inhabitants of North Africa to protect against the evil eye.

Associated with the goddess Tanit, the Goddess of berber, the symbol is originally amazigh.

In the amazigh language (berber), the term "Tafust" means "small hand". The word "khamsa" means for him "five" in Arabic, in reference to the five fingers of the hand.

The Tafust is also sometimes called the hand of Fatima or the hand of Fatimaw.

In addition to being a symbol very present in the customs and beliefs the berbers, the Tafust can also be found in the religion punic culture of carthage, where she was also associated with the Goddess Tanit.

Some tend to associate the sign of the five fingers to the five pillars of islam or the five of the cloak (Ahl al-Kisa, i.e. the Prophet, his daughter Fatima and her husband Ali, and their two sons Hassan and Hussein).

Recently, the promoters of the Middle East peace have chosen to wear the khamsa as a symbol of the community of origin and of muslim tradition.

This symbolism has without doubt evolved over time, in the light of archaeological evidence.

The fingers point towards the top or towards the bottom according to the taste or decoration associated with it.


Board Description the Khamsa or the Hand of Fatma:


• Material: Metal

• Dimensions: 27 x 16cm

• Manufacturer: V-Syndicate


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Khamsa Rolling Tray

Khamsa Rolling Tray

Tray rolling metal decorated with the symbol Khamsa or "hand of Fatma".

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