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Nirvana Advanced Nutrients

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Nirvana Advanced Nutrients

Nirvana allows to strengthen your plants. Who says bigger stems, also says more nutrients to feed your flowers and get a powerful harvest.

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Nirvana Advanced Nutrients


Nirvana is recommended for the flowering phase regardless of the fertilizer base you use. It will allow you to fortify your cannabis plants.

Most of us turn to the flowering boosters to amplify our returns. However, there is a big problem that is too often overlooked, even by the most experienced growers!

The buds will never become as voluminous as you want them to be if you don't strengthen the stems that support them!


Now, what if we told you that there is a way to strengthen your stems! Which will also promote the swelling of the heads…

That's what does Nirvana from Advanced Nutrients.


But first, it is important to understand, the unique role of the stems in cannabis.

You see, cannabis is a vascular plant. This means that it contains specialized cells called xylem…

These are responsible for drawing water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves of the plants.

And when you focus on developing thicker stems, you increase the number of xylem, which amplifies both the transport of water and nutrients in your crop.


That's not all, you also improve the potential of your plants to respond to abiotic "environmental" conditions.

Because at the top of the xylem, guard cells surround the stomata... The tiny openings in the leaves that allow CO2 to enter, and H20 and O2 to exit.

These xylem guard cells will promote the opening of the stomata when light and humidity favor the growth of plants and their closure during adverse conditions such as darkness, high heat and drought.

To put it simply, thicker roots create additional xylem, which helps to optimize the transport of nutrients and water as well as the potential of plants.


Nirvana is a powerful stem enhancer and flowering booster

The scientists Advanced Nutrients have drawn on some of nature's most powerful ingredients to benefit your plants.

And two of these ingredients are the kelp and alfalfa flour, which combine to offer a robust range of stem-strengthening and flowering-stimulating properties to your plants.

To begin with, when you give alfalfa extract fertilizer to cannabis, you create optimal conditions for increased chlorophyll production.

And this means that your culture benefits from improved conditions to support the photosynthetic capacity, so that it can feed each phase of the plant's development.


What's more…

Alfalfa flour and kelp provide amino acids bioavailables that serve as an additional nitrogen source to unlock a stronger and more vigorous growing cycle.

Stronger cells equal stronger stems.

In addition, alfalfa flour and kelp are loaded with a range of multivitamins, which allows you to favor the optimal performance of your plants.


Even if we stopped there, you would already be able to see how much Nirvana is beneficial for your plants and why thousands of growers, in 107 countries around the world, consider it a must for their flowering phases.


However, Advanced Nutrients wanted to make sure to strengthen this product with all the essential elements that your plants need, so that they can reward you with explosive yields of powerful flowers.

That's why Nirvana is enriched with potassium to boost floral productivity.


Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 liter, 4 liters or 10 liters

Check out our table to know exactly the recommended fertilizers and dosages.

ManufacturerAdvanced Nutrients
Volume250ml, 500ml, 1 litres ou 4 litres

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Tasty Terpenes Advanced Nutrients

Tasty Terpenes Advanced Nutrients

Nirvana Advanced Nutrients

Nirvana allows to strengthen your plants. Who says bigger stems, also says more nutrients to feed your flowers and get a powerful harvest.

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