Mini metal Dabber

Small dabber metal for oil and BHO

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Small dabber metal 6cm long

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Paiement 100% sécurisé

Dabber metallic


Small dabber metal allowing and facilitating the handling of oils, BHO, wax and concentrates, of all types.

The term "dabber" is a slang word for English is not so there is no real French translation. He just "dab" itself slang.

This small metal tool used to "dab" and the handling of oils, wax and BHO was therefore called a "dabber".


Dabber metal with a length of 5.5 cm


If you want a dabber of high quality titanium, we offer you the Dabber Ball, Dabber spatula or the Dabber double.


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Mini metal Dabber

Mini metal Dabber

Small dabber metal 6cm long

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