Grinder ball Ying-Yang

Grinder ball Ying-Yang

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Grinder ball yin-yang diameter 55mm

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Grinder ball Yin & Yang


Grinder Ball Ying & Yang. A grinder is simple, cheap and effective.


That is what the Yin & Yang?

the YIN & YANG are not of energies, substances, elements, mythical or esoteric but are a concept of division, classification of objects and phenomena whose interest is primarily dialectical.


• The Yin


It represents the dark, what is not see. It is hollow and it is he who receives the life. The Yin is dark, cold. It is the energy of passivity fruitful, he gives life that is why it is said to be the symbol of femininity.

A person who is more Yin than Yang is, someone is introverted, quiet and rather shy. This is a person who does not like to put themselves forward and who don't really like the change.

This is a person who prefers the warmth of the hearth.

Physically will be rather healthy.


• Yang


Yang is opposite of Yin, and it is he who complements it. The Yang represents the bright, which is hard and fast. He is active and manifest all the energy accumulated. The Yang is always in action, in movement. The Yang is masculine and it is the spark of life.

If you are Yang, you're a more extroverted, nervous and likes to see. You like to be put forward and put you ahead. You like adventure and challenges, and the routine is the thing that you trouble the most in the world.

Home is a place where one rests after a long exhausting day.

Physical side of the Yang people are thin because they are always in action, they eliminate what they eat.


Description of the grinder Ball:


• Logo Ying-yang

• Teeth pyramidal

• Grind 2 parts

• Grinder plastic


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Grinder ball Ying-Yang

Grinder ball Ying-Yang

Grinder ball yin-yang diameter 55mm

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