Rizla silver rolling paper slim

Feuilles slim Rizla silver

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Leaf rolling Rizla Silver, sheets slim ultra thin.

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Leaves to roll slim Rizla Silver


The great brand of leaf rolling provides you with the Rizla+ silver.

Forget the rizla+ blue of your grand father with a thick paper and does not stick well.

Rizla offers you here of leaves to roll slim thin high-quality with a weight of 13.5 g/m2.

Each book consists of a first protective sheet that also guarantees that your book is new, 32 sheets to roll it ultra thin , and a sheet indicator 10 leaves the end.

The sheet witness es in handy, it warns you when it does you rest more than 10 sheets in your book, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises. Who never fell in a mess of sheets? With the leaf cookie you will have time to anticipate.


Detailed Description of the leaves Rizla Silver:


Dimensions d'une feuille
Poids du papier
Nombre de feuilles par carnet
Nombre de carnets par boite
110mm x 44mm13.5 g/m232 leaves per booklets50 books per case


If you want to pay your Rizla Silver less expensive, canna-shops offers you the box of Rizla+ Silver at the best price.

You want the Rizla+ even more fine? Check out and try the Rizla+ Micron.


Rizla papiers à rouler
ManufacturerRizla +
Kind of paperRice Paper
Booklet32 leaves

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Rizla silver rolling paper slim

Rizla silver rolling paper slim

Leaf rolling Rizla Silver, sheets slim ultra thin.

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