Dooda Card Game

Dooda Card Game

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The game of Dooda is a game for parties between Stoners.

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Dooda, the card game


Dooda Game is a card game, original and fun for small cool evenings.

The game Dooda Game is ideal to set the mood in the early evening while smoking with your friends. This game will also be enjoyed in the late evening or after when you're already all of good stone and running out of idea to entertain you.


Features of the Game Dooda:


• Card game for 2-5 players

• The game includes 54 cards

• The series: - 5 cards Cannabis

- 6 cards-Paper-cigarette

- 6 cards Seal

- 6 cards Lighter

- 6 cards to get high

• Actions: - 5 cards Smashed

- 3 cards Police

- 3 maps Bang

- 3 cards in Bowl

- 2 cards Super Stoned

- 7-card Ticket 20

- 2 cards 100 Ticket


Objective of the game: smash


Each player needs to bring together a series of 5 cards:


Carte cannabis Feuilles à rouler Joint Briquet La défonce


The first who gets there is the winner.


Running the game:


• We extract the maps Cannabis in the package and lays them on the table, the side facing up, depending on the number of players (4 players, we will 4 cards Cannabis).

• We put the other cards Cannabis in the package.

• We mix all the cards and distribute 5 to each.

• The remaining cards form the draw pile. It is the installation in the center of the table, the side facing down.

• The discarded cards will form a pile next to the deck. When there will be more of a pickaxe, it will mix those cards that will form the new deck.


How to play:


The player sitting to the left of the dealer begins.

It plays in the sense of the needles of a watch.

Each player, in turn, makes one of the following things:

He begins to set up his series by posing on the table in front of him, the side that is face up, the cards Series. Thus, all players can see his cards and follow his progress.


He can buy a card Cannabis. He can buy it with a card Ticket 20. Once he threw a card Ticket 20, he takes the card Cannabis that he puts in front of him.


Play with one of the Action cards the following: • Police • Kicked • Super Smashed and He throws one of these cards and indicates against which player he wants to use it.


Throw the card Bowl. When a player throws this card, the next player skips his turn.


If the player cannot make any of the above actions, he must discard one of his cards and draw another.

• A player must always have 5 cards. As soon as he throws a, he must pick one.


The action cards:


Le défoncé Smashed – this card allows a player to take a card Attached in a series to another player and use it in its own series. (If he already has a card Seal, the card Seal of the other player will be thrown out).
Le super défoncé Super Smashed – this card allows a player to take any card Series in any player and add it to its own series.
Police Police – this card has two objectives : 1. Using it against another player, the player will be forced to throw all his cards Series, card Cannabis with the exception that it will return to the center of the table. 2. It also helps to protect against card Super Stoned. By covering the latter with a map policy, your opponent may take your card.
Cuvette Toilet bowl – when you play this card, the next player skips his turn. Nothing can protect you against the card Bowl. When necessary to go there...
Bang Bang – this card protects the card Smashed. If a player has used his card Bashed against you, you can protect it by countering with a card Bang (by placing it on the map Smashed). Your opponent may be able to get the bang but you keep the seal !
Billet de 20 20 bill used to buy a card Cannabis. The player throws a card Ticket 20, and then takes a card Cannabis that it can use to its series.
Billet de 100 100 note – this card protects you against the Police. If another player puts you in a map policy, you can counter that by playing your card 100 Ticket. Thus, you pay a "fine" but keep your cards Series.


• The use of a card of protection does not count as a turn, it is simply a defense.

• Don't forget that after you have used one of the Action cards, you must draw a card to always have 5.


Frequently asked Questions:


The Series should have a specific order? No, you can spread out your cards in any order.

What happens when there are no more draws? It takes the stack of discarded cards, mix and form a new deck.

Is it possible to buy more than one card Cannabis? No, it is absolutely forbidden ! (Let-in to the other...)

Is it possible to buy cannabis with the card 100 Ticket? Yes, but it is waste. And then it upped the price. This is not advisable.

Does one have the right to take the card and Cannabis of a other player with the map Super Stoned? Yes, the card is Super Broken, you can take any card of the Series.

If I put the card Font, is it possible to pay the fine with 5 tickets of 20? Yes.

What to do if a player forgets to pick a card after you played? He must draw a new as soon as he remembers to always have 5 cards in hand.

If a player has two identical cards, may it be to throw together and take two other cards in place? No, it is prohibited. We cannot discard that one card at a time.

A player can use his card Stoned, or Super Stoned to make a card to another player, to complete his series and win the game? Yes.

Can a player, with his card Super Stoned, take another player for a card he already has in his series? Yes, but he will have to throw it away. However, this can be a good tactic.

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Dooda Card Game

Dooda Card Game

The game of Dooda is a game for parties between Stoners.

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