420 king size rolling papers + tips

Feuilles à rouler 420 feuilles + filtres

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Leaves to roll natural and not bleached with filters included

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Paiement 100% sécurisé
Paiement 100% sécurisé

Leaves to roll slim Eco + Filters


Check out the leaves, roll 420, leaf-to-roll manufactured in Europe at a price defying any competition.

The leaves roll 420 are leaves to roll, which strongly suggests the sheets to roll RAW not only by their packaging but also by the quality of the paper and a filigree cross.

420 offers leaves to roll in original packaging containing 32 leaves to roll in gum Arabic natural and each book contains 32 filters in cardboard.

With the filters in carton built-in to the book you will no longer have to tear your packages of cigarettes and books of leaves for rolling.

The leaves roll 420 are sheets with a very good quality / price ratio.

The watermark in the cross assures you of a slow burn that allows you to enjoy your cigarettes even longer. This watermark also has the advantage of ensuring a steady burn, which has the purpose of avoiding the cigarettes, or joints that are "carrots".


Detailed Description of the leaves to roll 420:


• Basis weight: 13.5 g/m2

• Book of 32 leaves + 32 filters in cardboard

• Box of 24 booklets

• Paper is natural and not bleached, very fine

• Manufacturer: 420

• Watermark in the cross for a slow and regular combustion

• Dimensions of sheets: 109mmx 45mm


Dimensions d'une feuille
Poids du papier
Nombre de feuilles par carnet
Nombre de filtres par carnet
Nombre de carnets par boite
109mm x 45mm13.5 g/m232 leaves per book32 Tips per booklet24 notebooks per case


Our prices are on a sliding scale, the more you buy the more the price drops.

Price of leaves to roll 420:


• Book unit: 1,30€

• By 5: 6,25€ 1.25€ the unit

• By 10: 11,90€ 1.19€ the unit

• 24: 24.90€ that is 1,03€ the unit


To get a more advantageous price, we can offer you the boxes of leaves to roll 420 per batch of 2 or 3.


You will also find our selection of leaves natural and not bleached with filters, cardboard packaging similar called 2-in-1:


• The leaves Raw 2-in-1

• The leaves Wiz Khalifa

• The leaves Greengo 2 in 1

Leaves Smoking Brown + Tips

Logo 420 style
Kind of paperNon blanchi
Booklet32 Feuilles + 32 cartons
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420 king size rolling papers + tips

420 king size rolling papers + tips

Leaves to roll natural and not bleached with filters included

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